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LIFE HACK: I Recently Discovered How To  Refrigerate Any Room In My House In Under 5-Minutes, WITHOUT Using My Home's Costly AC

Contributed by Pam Thompson

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Did you know there's a new portable AC the size of a car battery that can refrigerate any room in under 5-minutes?

You may have seen other portable AC units in the past, but this new model is nothing like those old ones, and we think you need to hear about it. It's called Blast Portable AC and it's the world's most compact, powerful, and efficient portable AC EVER created.

It pumps out a full gallon of ice cold air every second, twice the rate of any of it's competitors - and it does so using less energy than your laptop. You can imagine how quickly it can cool down an office or a bedroom.

Running your homes air conditioner is not only inefficient, but costs thousands of dollars a year. And if it breaks, you're really in financial trouble. Blast is a modern approach to staying cool AND saving big money.

In 2019 the average household saved over $640 during the Summer season with portable AC's. Becuase Blast is twice as efficient as old models, the savings will be even greater this Summer.

Some Important Facts:

Who Can Benefit From Blast AC:

How It Works:

Blast portable AC is battery operated. It uses ultra-efficient powerful batteries that last for hours. It comes with a Type-C charging cable so you can keep the batteries charged ALL DAY!

Blast Loves it's Customers:

Blast is a customer first company who has a team of HUMANS ready to help. If you ever have a problem with your Blaux or are unsatisfied, they'll refund you and take it back. They care about helping their customers.

When my Blast arrived, I called the customer support line just to see, and right away a woman answered. It was such a positive experience I came away feeling like they had my back if I needed them.

Blast Vs Big energy

Energy companies make most of their money from big appliances, and the biggest of them all is your homes AC unit. They even go so far as to pay developers to not make more efficient AC units. Energy companies make billions from AC.

The founder of Blast was fed up with getting ripped off, so he created the most groundbreaking AC unit ever. One that costs almost nothing to run, but can cool any room in under 5-minutes.

He's already received threats from big energy companies, and we don't know how long until they try to sue him out of business. We recommend getting your Blast AC sooner rather than later.

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